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“I cannot overstate how important this documentary is to helping our children and young adults escape violence and find their own ways in life. If I were King of the World I’d have every parent, teacher and teenager in America see this documentary so that as many hearts and minds as possible would find more compassion and understanding, and take more initiative in protecting our young people, our future.”

Don Schwartz, CineSource Magazine

“Straightlaced picks up so many of the themes we are addressing in our own work about gender stereotypes. It sends a powerful message to all of us to let go of rigid, binary understandings of gender and uses a wonderful collection of teens’ experiences and stories to show just how limiting, and liberating, gender can be.”

—Áine Duggan, President, Re:Gender

“A fantastic documentary that highlights youth voices about how gender roles have limited and impacted their lives…one of my favorite resources.”

Elizabeth Meyer, Psychology Today

“Brilliantly illuminates the distorted messages about gender that constrict and sometimes destroy the lives and dreams of high school students across the nation. This documentary is also the most impressive example of ethnography I have seen in 20 years in academia.”

—Margaret Waller, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Humboldt State University

“Debra Chasnoff’s provocative film…dumps gender assumptions on their hindering head, showing the spectrum of possibilities that these funny, candid, searching teenagers navigate. Join them… even if they ask you to sit in the back.”

—Gail Rosenblum, Minneapolis Star Tribune